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Grey brown on Golden Pothos vine only

Aerilaya (8b-9a SouthTX)
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Grey brown discoloration on Golden Pothos vine (red arrows on images) that seems to start underneath leaf stems on the top rough side of the vine and wont spread to the underside (or hasn't). I scratched it (blue x's on the images) to see if it was something growing on top but it was hard to tell as barely scraping it kind of cut into the plant since it's really thick on this part of the plant and I had to apply some pressure. If it is growing on top, it's hyper thin and not dry enough to scratch off lightly. The leaves are all fine with no spots or abnormal growth. Only two out of several of my vines have this and only on a few segments (5 and 2). I've never seen this before; does anyone know what it is? PothosVine1 PothosVine2 PothosVineZoom PothosVine4

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