Help with treatments for window and slider in master bedroom

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I need help visualizing the best window treatment configuration for my master, which includes two low windows and a slider next to each other (hopefully my picture shows up).

I was originally thinking drapes for the slider and matching roman shades for the windows, but my husband wants to see a bit of the outside while still having privacy. That means we need to have some sort of shutters, up/down shades, or blinds in the mix.

We are trying not to spend too much money on these treatments because we have so many projects we are working on, so shutters for the sliders are out but we could swing shutters in the windows.

My current thought is to put shutters on the windows and curtains on the slider but I haven’t seen many pictures of that combination so I don’t know if that would look disjointed. I wish I could put drapes on the windows as well to tie them into the slider but I don’t think i have enough room for that.

What do do you think about shutters on the windows and drapes on the slider? Do you have any pictures to help me visualize it? Any other ideas?

EDIT: See picture in the first comment below.

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