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to prune or not to prune old damage

5 years ago

Hello, about a year ago this plumeria met with a brief freeze. Now I can see that eventually it sprouted runt tips out of the damage. The runts only grew a couple inches whereas normally a branch on this tree will grow several feet a year.

I am debating whether to prune below the damage, or see if the runts grow into proper branches this growing season. I know from experience on this particular tree that if I make a good clean prune I can usually count on several strong new branches that over time look natural. I am not sure if these tips that grew through the damage will have that same behavior or if they'll forever be compromised.

If I do prune I will probably stagger the height of the canopy a bit. The last couple of years the canopy has been thin, flat and high.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!

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