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1st Soil Test Results - Could use some guidance

4 years ago

I have a TTTF, KBG, PR lawn. 2K square feet. Located in South Eastern PA near Philly. Just got my soil test results (Waypoint) and I'm looking for any guidance/recommendations anyone might have:

pH: 5.9

OM: 3.8%

CEC: 8.3 meq/100g

% saturation:

K: 3.3%

Ca: 57.6%

Mg: 17.2%

H: 21.7%

Na: .7%

P: 67 ppm (very high)

K: 106 ppm (medium)

Ca: 956 ppm (medium)

Mg: 171 ppm (optimum)

Sulfur: 11 ppm (medium)

Boron: .3 ppm (low)

Copper: 4.9 ppm (very high)

Iron: 168 ppm (optimum)

Manganese: 25 ppm (medium)

Zinc: 14.0 ppm (medium)

Sodium (14 ppm (very low)

I started reading this forum last year. I used prodiamine as a pre-emergent in the spring. I fertilized with organic fertilizer in May 2018, September 2018, and October 2018. And I spot sprayed weeds using Ortho products. Watering habits...long and infrequent. Thx for any help.


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