Deep closet in bathroom

2 years ago

Our upstairs bathroom (shared by two bedrooms, including master), has a very deep closet, about 30x30. It had a door I removed years ago because the door to the room slammed into it with knobs a'clashing, and drove me crazy. I also eventually removed the very deep shelves which were impossible to use effectively. Instead, I "temporarily" (25 years ago) put in a couple of standalone shelf units and lived with that. Now that we are remodeling, what is a good use of this space? My contractor suggested that we could just have shallower closet with open shelving by walling off the back area. Family members think it crazy to waste any space -- but in reality, half the space is and always has been wasted. I definitely want to remove the door framing and take the wall all the way up to ceiling to open it up vertically. Maybe open shelving or purchased cabinet of some kind, or ??

Has anyone else dealt with a deep closet like this? Suggestions are most welcome!

Here is a not very good picture:

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