Color Suggestions for Exterior Paint, Balcony Deck Stain, Please

2 years ago

We are in the process of purchasing this home. The owner has offered to replace garage door and is wanting to know what color. We intend to repaint the home this summer and are needing suggestions for siding and trim. Thank you very much for input.

Note: 1). We do not want to retain the current color. A picture of the back of the house shows a sliver of siding with the sun shining on it. This is a more true representation of the color. (It seems to have a tinge of pinkish color?) 2) We want the front door color to remain as is. 3) We would like a colors for siding and trim that will enhance the stone facade. 4) We want the garage door to match the siding.

Question: Should the columns in the back be painted the same as the siding?

Re: the balcony deck. This will be re-stained this summer as well. Eventually we will replace with a more maintenance free material but for now we are just going to restore what we have.

Questions: 1) What color of stain? 2)What color should the iron work be painted?

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