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My Home Exterior is Ugly, Need Advice

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My house exterior is very ugly. It was originally a 1970s split level and then it received a very large addition. It's half brick, half stucco and has really wide pitches (a little Craftsman-esque). I think it has a bit of an identity crisis and just really needs updating. It also sits pretty far back from the road and it just looks super blah right now because there's little contrast - it's all brown and off-white. We moved in 18 months ago and are finally ready to update the outside. We are not ready to do a major facelift yet (we've discussed adding siding over the stucco, a new front door and making some structural changes), but want to stick with basic cosmetics for now - paint and new gutters (or anything cosmetic that's not super expensive).

I would like to paint the whole house, brick and all. I do not like the contrast between the stucco and brick and I think those materials make it look more dated. I am envisioning a light greige color (still warm, but not super brown) on the whole house and bright white trim for some contrast. It already has shutters (pic #1 is before shutters were added) but I want them to be jet black. Right now they are a charcoal color (the garage doors are charcoal now too - done by previous owners) that was intentional but it actually just looks sun faded. We are also replacing the gutters this month and I'm really torn on colors - white or black? I love a classic white, but I thought the black gutters (along with black shutters) might make it look a bit more updated. I really love the farmhouse look and we live on 3 wooded acres so it's the right setting for it, but I also understand that our house is not farmhouse style, so I'm trying to figure out how to get a bit of that look without it looking silly.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I'm open to all feedback and would love opinons on what I have proposed above! Thanks!

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