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Painting two-story living/dining room combo & other questions

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello all. Yikes, I've got questions! I planned to paint all the walls and trim (except brown railing and mantle piece) white, until I read about undertones, so am now a little nervous. I've got both warm and cool colors going on here, but I like blue, green, gray, and orange. The current decades-old paint has pink/orange undertones that I definitely don't like. I also don't like paint that's too yellow or beige. I'm thinking very neutral/gray undertones for a contemporary feel. The larger pieces here that I'm keeping are the sofas, coffee table (I'm open to painting it), dining room table, and burnt orange chairs--also keeping the rug though I can move to another room if necessary. Am thinking of a solid, medium gray rug underneath sofas. Considering all this, what Sherwin Williams white would you suggest? (Big sale this month at SW!) I see on their website that Origami White pairs with Distance (close to sofa color) and Cavern Clay (close to railing), so am hoping I'm close to a solution. Also, if I were to repaint the railing and mantle piece Cavern Clay, could I leave the ceiling beams the darker brown?

The large picture window faces northeast and the dining area windows face north. Current paint color starts out a light pinkish and gets more so as the day goes on. Ugh.

I'll need to get paint samples so I can compare, but am hoping to narrow down my options. Any suggestions for this large room are welcome. It deserves better than it's so far gotten!

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