Master Bedroom & Bigger Closet Layout Help

2 years ago

Bought a new house, before we move in, we are planning on moving the fireplace, removing the 2 closets walls, and making one big massive walk in closet for my wife. moving the fireplace.

My questions are.

would you do anything differently? (ignore the island size in the closet, currently its 36x36, but i have to still work on the configuration of the closets for sure still. first i want to get the structure of the room down.

1. is it okay if the bed is a few inches off center from the fireplace? the way the balcony door and window are on the opposite wall, it really has the night table right up against the hallway door as it is, and if we centered the fire place it would be over the window molding.

2. the tray ceiling is now offcenter to the room, should i move it off the new closet wall a couple feet so its re centered in the room? or just leave it?

3. I currently have the 46x20x84 armoir in betweeen the closet door and the balcony door, but i also have a tall dresser 48" wide, is there any room for that too or do i basically have to decide between one or the other?

4. one other thought was to make the new closet wall straight across and have the bathroom door in the closet? what do you think of that? not sure what we really gain from that.

5. one other thought was to have the fireplace built into the closet, so you dont have a 2 foot wall juttign out into the bedroom. I just dont know if we like the fireplace to the side, would really like to be able to put a couch facing the fireplace.

which brings me to my last question, should i put the loveseat at the end of the bed?

6. the room is 16' wide (191.3" to be exact) bed frame is 93" long, fireplace wall will come out 22 min, (26 in sketch). lets say 22", that leaves 76" for a loveseat and walk thru. if we got a 32" deep loveseat, that would give. 44" to walk through, that is plenty right?

7. if we did the couch at the end of the bed, i think we would be able to do built in benches under the window. good idea?

lastly. i have used in the past, is there a better company in the same price range or cheaper to use for a job like this?

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