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USA manufactured under mount stainless steel sink

5 years ago

My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our kitchen, and I"m looking for a USA manufactured cabinets and under mount sink. I was able to buy USA made cabinets but had a time with the sink. I emailed Elkay and Kraus directly. Elkay replied ;

Good Morning,

It will depend on which model you purchase. Our Lustertone line is made in the USA while our Crosstown line is made in China.

Kraus replied;

Kraus products are American engineered with components made in Germany, Spain, and Italy and assembled in our Kraus facility in Asia where they go through rigorous inspection by certified Kraus Quality Control Inspectors. Our sink are assembled in South Korea, India and China.

I just thought this information may be helpful to anyone looking to buy made and manufactured in USA. I decided to go with the Elkay lusterline but did let them know although the lusterline sink is made in the USA, the drain assembly that comes with the sinks are made in China. If your going to advertise made in the USA all components for the lusterware line should also be USA made. I did not receive a response from that email.

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