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Help with design, please! (Office space, maybe?)

Lilian C
5 years ago

I was looking for 2 big pieces of art to hang on both sides of the entertainment center, when someone told me maybe a plant, a chair and a lamp could work better. I got what I already had around the house, just to see how it would look, and this is what I got (please, see the pictures). I think I like it, but, I was planning on placing a table and chair on the side wall that is free, so I would have a set place to work. Now, with the chair, I don't think I can put the table there anymore.
I do have some space behind the couch, so I can push the couch to the right wall (with Windows)and everything else with it, to have more space on the left, and be able to place the table and chair, or, maybe, bring everything to the left, to have more space behind the couch and place a small table and chair behind the couch, for my hidden office.
Another option is leave it this way and make my office somewhere else.
Any advice, please?
and thank you!

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