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First Home - Curb Appeal Ideas

5 years ago

Hi All,

My wife and I are closing on our first home in April! :) I could use any suggestions/ideas for how to increase curb appeal on the house.

My ideas thus far are

1. Centering the door and steps in the middle of porch, removing the bay window and adding windows on each the side of the door. Changing out the cast iron to more of a craftsmen wood posts with stone.

2. Removing the corner window and adding two single windows (same as front entrance)

3. Enlarging the triangle into the roof and extending the 'triangle' out over the porch to make more of an impact.

4. Possible painting the color of the brick a Taupe color.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I feel that the house needs an extension or attached garage to balance it out but we can't afford that.

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