Quietness and Earth Song in a hot & dry climate

KJ - 9B - CA
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I read lots of great things about Quietness and Earth Song. But it seems that many reviews are from people living in cold zones appreciating their hardiness. Our summer is hot and dry with intense sun. And there is not even a drop of rain for more than half of a year. So I can only choose roses which can handle out heat well.

I wonder if anyone living in a hot & dry climate grows these two roses and could share your experience. I'm especially concerned if the petals get burned or fried under the summer sun, and how long the blooms can last on the bush.

Also I plan to plant them next to each other. Since I heard they can grow huge, what's the preferred space between them? Is 4 ft enough?

Many thanks!

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