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front of house foundational plantings (PNW zone 8b)

We bought this house a year ago and I have slowly been working on the (neglected) yard. I have been graphing and taking time to plan things out but I am still unsure on what to do for the front of the house foundational plantings.

I was thinking 3 shrubs on each side, with the middle one being an evergreen. Original thought was Let's dance Diva hydrangea flanking the steps (because I already have them), a Mexican orange blossom (or PJM rhodedendrum) as the evergreen in the middle and then perhaps a little lime hydrangea on the outside. But I am not totally wowed by this idea and I was hoping for others insight and opinions.

Other notes, the house faces East but left side of the entry gets quite a bit of southern exposure while the right side is significantly more shaded. The right side currently has a serviceberry tree that we are unsure if we should keep or remove.

I prefer more of an English garden vs traditional PNW style. I want to keep colors softer (whites, blues, purples) vs bold (red, orange).

Fence will be replaced and raised bed will be removed.

Any ideas welcome.

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