Remove drywalled reach-in pantry?

2 years ago

I searched Houzz last night and found many posts about removing a pantry, just none that were in a kitchen like mine.

Our pantry is on the back of the staircase. It shares the space with our powder room. The interior of the pantry is 31.5"w x 19"d it has our ceiling height of 9'. The depth is 24" if you measure to the drywall of the chalkboard wall. There is a coat closet in the hall to the left and the white door in the hall to the right is the laundry room. The basement is across from the laundry room.

My thought is to make that area a coffee/tea bar by putting in a lower cabinet with counter top and an upper cabinet. I know the number one question is going to be about food storage if I take that pantry out. My thoughts are that I will gain three cabinets in the kitchen work triangle and that I would much prefer to have everything within easy reach vs having to dig through the pantry. As it stands, there are 5 (wire) shelves in there and on a daily basis I use whats on only 1.5 of those shelves. The other shelves have our crockpot, baking items, parchment, ziploc bags, etc. I also have a large shelf in the basement that I use for pantry storage. Potatoes and onions are stored in a wire basket shelf on the basement landing. If you go to the hallway in the left of the photo there is a coat closet and the white door in the hallway to the right is a laundry. I've already added a counter to the laundry room (it's wonderful for holiday cooking! We put the crockpot and roaster in there) and there is a small closet in there that could also be utilized better. I would also like to add wall cabinets over the counter that run up to the ceiling. That would give me a space to store small kitchen appliances that don't get used often.

I will add additional photos of the kitchen in a comment. Houzz is hating me today and isn't wanting to post things for me.

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