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OBF March Matches swap

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

*Our Blooming Friends Swap Group [0BF] was created to have a reliable, fair and safe haven to swap and trade between group members. If you care to join us, we would love to have you.

*Please be a successful member of GardenWeb/HOUZZ and have completed a trade with two or three of our members. Membership requests should be sent to Shirley [Brittneysgran]

1. Have fun! No bickering!

2. Send your swap by posted deadline.

3. Always include a Delivery Confirmation/Tracking number and

post it on the swap thread when you send the package if needed

4. Please send things that you yourself would enjoy receiving.

5. PLEASE POST after you have received your swap and POST what you have received (Pictures are always nice)

6. You will be required to replace a swap package that does not make

it to your partner, for any reason. Also you'll be required to replace any item that arrives broken/damaged.

7. New members, for the first two swaps, you will be required to send your swaps first.

Now for the swap

In this month's swap we will be doing a matching swap.

1. choose any four letter word.

2. choose any 4 colors from this list ( can be 4 of same color or any combination)












Your partner will match four (4) items starting with the letters in your word and using the colors you choose.

Send only 4 items please

Can be anything you’d like to send. Homemade, homegrown, new or recycled, seeds, plants or stuff.

Use your imagination

Also send a list showing your matches and list items sent like this example.

Please include your list when posting items received.

Sign up thru the 6th. Partners on the 7th. Mail by the 23rd

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