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Need help with dormers and windows

Kelley Wright
4 years ago
1. Two dormers or three? The middle would be fake. Each end is a bedroom.

2. Shed dormer or gable? I like the look of both.

3. 6’ windows with or without transoms? Ceilings are 9’. I have previously done 6’ with transoms and tempered glass. However, his house will only be a few feet odd the ground and there will be landscaping in front of the windows. So, I don’t know that it’s worth the extra cost. I also considered trimming out the bottom of the front windows to look taller but the picture I have of that has a brick facade. Since windows are more flush with hardie siding rather than set in, I’m not sure how that would look.

Pictures below show 6’ windows and one with 6’ plus 12” transom. We have decided to forgo the porch running across the whole front and do a portico instead to spend more money on a pool house.

Inspiration pictures also attached.

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