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Help me selecting a climber for this unique location please!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I am in zone 7b-8 and have a deciduous tree called Chaste (Vitex agnus-castus) growing on the east side of the house. It is about 12’ tall, with multi-truck display, receiving morning sun and short period of early afternoon sun. It leafs out in June, and has blue flowers in July through early October. I would like to grow a short climber at the foot of this lovely tree and let it climb on the lower trunks, and hopefully it can offer me beautiful spring blooms before the tree leafs out and shadows over.

Around the tree, I have four ball-shaped Japanese hollies that will remain the tidy form/size. And at the front of the bed I planted three Twilight Zone and two Bolero. On the left side is the deck and railings above, three very young Falstaff are being trained to climb in fan shape.

In order not to clash the colors, I prefer a short climber in the cool color family such as white, light pink, lilac/lavender or deep blueish purple. No orange or yellow hue should probably be mixed in there. I have Quicksilver and Honeymoon nearby (across the pathway on the fence and against the brick columns) so would not want to duplicate those two. So is it possible to grow a short climber there successfully? If so what do you suggest for that spot? A once bloomer that blooms early in the season? Or a repeat bloomer can take some shade after first flush? I’m pretty new to the rose world and unfamiliar with climbers. Thank you very much in advance!

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