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What evergreen flowering climber to plant?

Cairo J
4 years ago

I live in 8a -8b zone. I'm looking to add some beauty to my world . I have this boring wall alongside my front walkway which leads to front door. This Walla can be seen by anyone driving up the street and would like to make a beautiful colorful statement on it. I at first was thinking of planting double shot Carolina Jessamine , they thrive here in South Carolina. I am not worried they will be to thick and shrubby for such a small spot. The depth of land only goes back a foot and few inches. the space really comes from the free vertical space . I would prefer an Evergreen climber since it is such a high traffic and highly visible spot. I would hate to have raggedy bare vines many months of the year. Flowers ( preferably reblooming and long season ) and something that smells divine. I am a sucker for highly fragrant flowers. I have a Lavender Crush rose climber just started right around the corner alongside the garage door. Thanks for any help ! Oh it gets a good amount of sun 6+ hours, mostly direct.

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