Should I paint my Mid Century Modern brick home?

Teena Beans
2 years ago

Have to sell my great mid century home and I am stuck between 2 options. I am having trouble because the front and the back of the home are so different :(

My thoughts are, and I BEG someone to have a better one *please*:

1) Leave red brick, black trim along roof, black front door, repainting siding to a brighter white, and leaving window trim white. Under eaves would be light white-ish color.

OR 2) Should I go all in and paint the brick? The interior fireplace I did a nice taupe-y color and my realtor thought maybe the exterior to match? (Interior red brick/wood panel is before, taupe/white is after). Help! Color schemes, anything! Thank you!

The brick color below is what my realtor suggested to paint exterior, with black/white trim.

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