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seal ceramic matte tile? how to clean?

5 years ago

We are almost done our bathroom remodel. We were going to install the vanity today and realized that wax from the toilet install go onto the tile. I was worried about the matte tile on floor and matte penny tile on shower floor and sure enough, I've been scrubbing on hands and kneess with vinegar and water. We prefer natural but any tips on cleaning would be great. Also, I went to Floor and decor a few weeks ago to buy sealer since mapei told me I should seal all tile and grout even though I got the mapei flexcolor cq. Floor and decor told me since my tile is ceramic there's no need to seal it so I left and now I'm thinking I might want to try to seal. Any tips and recommendations on sealers if that's suggested would be great. This is my tile for the floor and if it goes through I'll try to send a link to my shower floor:.


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