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Random bud observation..

3 years ago

My pubicalyx "Pink Silver" is flowering for the first time. It lives on the kitchen bench (I call it my kitchen pubes, lol)

The umbel(umbrel?) had 20 buds and 14 of them were square, as in having 4 petals. The interesting thing was, the 6 star shaped/5 petaled buds all opened first. It got me thinking...

Is this just random? Do the normal 5 petaled flowers usually open first? I sense an experiment coming on! Anyone else observed this, or want to keep note on their own hoya flowers in the future?

That one with a split has looked like that for weeks btw. It still opened after the 5 petal ones.

Yes, I know they aren't petals, Coronas? corollas? I can't remember which..

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