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Winter garden....

We don't get a lot of snow here usually and we don't have much now but we've had a nasty mix of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain in the past few days. This morning the sun is shining and making me wish hard for spring! I went out on the front and back porches to take some pictures that I then compared to pictures taken in 2018 from a similar view point. Winter is a period to be endured in the garden here :-) I rarely do any specific planting for 'winter interest' as I tend to just see in my mind's eye the sleeping summer garden lurking under the snow (or barren ground when there isn't any snow....)

Some contrasting views of the garden:

From the back porch this morning:

Similar view May 19 2018:

July 25 2018:

October 27 2018:

I don't have a good sequence for the front garden since, when I take photos from the front porch in the summer, I'm usually zooming in on a particular section rather than trying to get an overview. So it was hard to find a picture that is at least partly comparable to this morning's winter view!

This morning from the front porch:

Aug 12 2018:

How much effort do you put in to create 'winter interest'- if you garden in a cold area where there is a long dormant season (with or without snow)? Post pictures of your garden today please....?

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