Please help me with my new living room decoration!!!

Vicky Z
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Good morning everyone.

This is my new dining table and sofa.

The coffee table should be changed also (maybe with something white) and I want to put a mirror or painting over the sofa too.

I am also thinking of putting a side table or a drawer in the right side of the sofa (as you see it).

The point is that I want a fresh, light and chic living room so this is why white is the main color in rugs, curtains, chairs etc.

PS: I will also put a fake decorative fireplace where you can now see the tv table and tv will be over the fireplace on the wall.

Can you give me tips and advice please? Specially for the coffee table would you suggest me to put around or a square one?

Any ideas will be really useful. Thank you!

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