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Bathroom flooring- LVP or Porcelain/stone?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

So I'm planning my bathroom out for a remodel and would like some advice/opinions.---------------------------------------------My primary concern is long term durability of tiles and water-proofness so nothing leaks to the sub floor. Possibly I'll be doing a grey wood tile, 4 or 6 inch by 24-36 or so. Or, a grey slate/stone look that's same size or 12x24.------------------------------------------Now, for LVP, it's slightly cheaper and warmer to the feet. However I've read of vinyl warping at edges sometimes over time, and water seeping between tiles..............If I do porcelain, or less likely stone, I could offset the chill with radiant heating with a programmable controller, albeit for a slightly greater cost (I'm estimating $400ish). I feel like these might have greater propensity for cracks than lvp though, but better waterproofness as there's grout between tiles.--------------------------------------------Note: Right now my bathroom is gutted to a 6in plank subfloor. And there's evidence of some past water leaks in multiple places, and even partial subfloor repairs/replacement. Also I'm assuming I'll have to add another layer like concrete backerboard before I put down the tile.------------------------------------------Whatever I do, I'd like it to last 15 years without tiles cracking or having leaks (with minimal maintenance). Bonus if I'm able to replace cracked tiles easily. 15 years as I figure I might be in a different house then (whether by choice or not), or it'll be outdated. I live in Buffalo, which tbh is usually 5-10 yrs behind trends. So I have some time..and even then after 15 years I could probably get away with just a different vanity and bathroom fixtures/metals...PS: Sorry about formatting, houzz kept putting this all into one huge paragraph.-------------------------------------------------Tl;dr : I want at least 15 yrs of flooring waterproofness and no tiles breaking (or easy replacement). Should I do lvp or porcelain/stone?

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