Pneumonia! Getting older stinks.

2 years ago

I had to go out of town for what I thought was going to be a pleasurable trip, turned out to be not so pleasurable. By the time I got to my motel I was exhausted and couldn't even eat any dinner so I went straight to bed. I'd planned to swim and enjoy the spa but that didn't happen.

Next morning I slept till check out and finished up some business I went out of town to pursue. Didn't do half of what I wanted and drove home, about two hours drive. Got home, sat in my recliner and fell asleep! Went to bed at 10pm and didn't wake up until 10pm Sunday night! Exceptions being for using the facilities, but then went back to bed. DH brought me water and Theraflu but I pretty much slept 20 hours a day. Finally on Weds I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with pneumonia! I was so weak I couldn't even walk into the clinic, DH had to get a wheel chair for me.

I've been home since then. On Saturday I was feeling ok so went to visit my DGS and did a quick stop at the grocery store, but then back to bed I went. I slept all day yesterday again. I've finished the antibiotics but I just can't seem to shake this exhaustion.

I'll probably be off work again this week, but will check in with the doc again today. I have had respiratory infections before but nothing like this that has really set me back. It's frightening how delicate we become. I'm bored out of my mind-I've played enough online solitaire and watched enough Netflix to get me through the next 3 years. I'd work remotely but I'm so sleepy that I couldn't account for my time sufficiently. It'd be one thing if I was able to DO something while being home, but I can't even load the dishwasher without needing a nap!

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