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Regrouted shower help!

So, we hired someone to help us with a new bathroom. Long story short, weare about to hire someone else (it's been over a year and it's still not quite finished) because current guy cancels much too frequently and he lacks attention to detail. The new guy looked at the tile job, and said if it were him he'd regrout it. He specifically said he wasn't teying to get us to spend more money but with all we've done with the bathroom...well, I had the same feeling. I haven't been happy with the tile job from day 1 (guy scratched our new old stock towel bar ends and got loads of grout in crevices of antique tile and said it will rinse out over time). Here's my question, how much tile should we anticipate getting broken during removal? I think we have enough field tile, but the bullnose and antique are another story. TIA!

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