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Help! Picking kitchen cabinet colors, need help with off-white/creams

Lyndsey Maldoff
5 years ago

Hi! I'm getting my kitchen cabinets painted and am struggling picking a color. I have dark hardwood floors, Santa Cecilia granite, and beige tile backsplash. My walls are painted SW Analytical Gray. The two samples I tried were Sherwin Williams Antique White (flowed well but maybe too yellow) and Sherwin Williams Creamy (liked in the daylight but too stark in low light). I'm getting a Shoji White sample which I have in my front room and love (no yellow undertone) so hopefully I'll like that! My floorplan is very open and we have plenty of windows but we are north facing. Anyone have any insight? Also looking at Aged White and Ivory Lace. I love color and in my dreams I would like a turquoise or navy kitchen but that's just not in the cards right now (lol).

Would love some input!

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