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Appliances in kitchen design.

So we are remodeling our kitchen and it will be nearly double the length of our current one. We like our appliances, but looking at the design, and after a few comments on here earlier in the process, I’m wondering if we should change a couple. I have stainless steel appliances.
At first I thought we would keep the microwave we just recently bought even though it’s an over range model, and use it’s venting feature over where the coffee maker, electric kettle, and toaster would be. But now I’m wondering if that’s being penny wise and dollar foolish and perhaps not as useful as it seemed. How much can steam from those appliances really affect the cabinetry over time? We were thinking of changing to either a built in or a microwave drawer in the lower cabinets. Which is preferable? Are they much smaller? How do you clean a microwave drawer on the inside?
The second appliance in question is the range. We actually like our range, it’s a double oven with a glass top. Problem is, we are worried it may not jive with the rest of the design. If it does, great, we don’t want to have to replace it. But if it doesn’t- we considered moving a double wall oven over to where the microwave is currently in the design, but it would make the corner next to it really awkward and eliminate the unloading zone next to the fridge. Would a flat 36” range to match the 36” hood with the controls on the horizontal surface instead of the extended splash area work better? I can’t think of anywhere else a built in oven can go.
I know counter depth refrigerators are in but we have one at our rental now and it really doesn’t seem to give any more space than the one at home and it takes up a lot more wall space so I don’t feel the need to spring for one.

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