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Whats wrong with my Fiddle leaf fig

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

(I apologize if this ends up in a unrelated area. Ever since the update of the website I have a hard time finding what I'm looking for. Does anyone know how I can find the garden answers area? )

Please help! I have searched high and low and dug deep into internet readings/ research, and have not managed to figure out what is going on with my fig.

While cleaning my plant about a month ago I found a very intimidating, dark trail running along the vein on the underbelly of a leaf. The problem is growing.

i found him at a store tucked in a corner collecting dust last summer. He had a few blemishes but I took him home. I live in michigan, my house does not have the greatest lighting selection. The west facing window is too bright, burned his leaves. the north is not enough, plus the big tree shading my house. so now hes about 5 feet away from the south facing window thats downstairs (I live in a split level, half of the house is below grade).

I was on a water every Thursday schedule up until about three weeks ago. he wasnt happy though, some of the tips of the leaves were turning brown around the edge. I wasn't giving him a full soak, just a full glass. (Which I have now learned is not a good approach and i should wait til he shows signs of dropping leaves) I decided to give the soil a good rinse and run through to push out any salt that has been collecting. That was about a two weeks ago.

I apologize if this post is scattered haha Im not sure if im giving the right information or just rambling on about my child

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