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Issue with backsplash around window! Need advice!

4 years ago

Throughout this whole kitchen remodel you guys haven't steered me wrong and you have helped me come up with a beautiful kitchen design. We are down to the final step - the backsplash. We recently decided to go up and around the window but ran into a snag. The pattern on either side of the window is totally off. We have are using a chevron pattern and the right side the 'V' will go all the way up but on the other there will be no grout line, it will be a solid tile. It will however, be a continuation of the tile from the right side, it will be the tile that angles up.

I knew it wouldnt' be identical on both sides but how odd will it look to have a line on one side and nothing on the other. Hopefully the images help explain the issue. Thanks!!!

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