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Grout issues with shower floor tile and wall tile installs

4 years ago

New house just built. I'm noticing not-great-looking tile jobs in the master shower floor and the guest bath wall and tub surround. I need opinion on these issues so I can present arguments for correction to the builder.

Master shower floor -

(1) tile is not level around the perimeter of the shower floor. The tile level rises, dips, then rises again along one side. The tile in (front) corners (directly under shower head) is actually lower than adjacent tile --- which I'm assuming is going to cause water to puddle in the corners vs flowing back to the drain. (photo#1)

(2) width of grout line at wall increases from front (under shower head) to back of the shower floor. It appears the rectangular shower floor area is not an even width from front of shower to back. (I am not at the house and am unable to measure the exact difference. I can do that when I return if the amount of discrepancy makes a difference in argument) (see photo#1 - front) and photo#2 (back)

(3) excessive grout spacing around drain - besides looking unsightly because of choppy tile edges, I'm worried water will degrade the grouted area more quickly than it would if the grout line was more precise. (photo#3)

Guest shower/tub bath

(1) Holes in wall grout -- everywhere!! (see in photo with cracked grout below)

(2) Cracked grout in corners -- should this be removed for re-grouting or can they just apply new grout on top? Should caulk be applied to prevent further cracking? (photo#6)

(3) No seal - grout or caulk - between tub and bathroom tile floor. Should this be grout or caulk? Should it match tile floor (gray) or tub (white)? (photo#7)

In summary:

M(1) Un-level tile - dip in corners

Tile · More Info

M(2) Gradually increasing grout line

Tile · More Info

M(3) Drain grout

Tile · More Info

G(1) Holes and G(2) Cracked grout

Tile · More Info

G(3) No seal at base of tub

Tile · More Info

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