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Kitchen appliance location dilemma

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I'm looking for some good advice on appliance layout. Below is a DRAFT rendering of our new kitchen (note there are several inaccuracies, i.e., shown with 12 ft ceilings when it should be 10; doesn't show chimney rangetop, etc., etc.,) We had initially decided to put the Refrigerator, Sink, and Dishwasher on the wall as shown for a variety of reason (proximity to breakfast nook, keeping range out of walkway) but now questioning the functionality since there is more limited drawer and cabinet space on this wall. I'm thinking about unloading the dishwasher and the fact that when I put things away, a lot will be on the other wall or center island. Would you swap the double oven location with the Fridge, and swap the Rangetop/Hood with the sink and dishwasher? NOTE: we do not want a sink or range in the center island. The only thing we might consider is the dishwasher, but not sure if that is a good location for that or not. Lastly, we put the microwave in the butler pantry (hall butler located where door opening is) and my husband now thinks it's too far away. He uses it all the time, but doesn't want a drawer microwave because he would have to bend down all the time to use it. Not sure where else to put it?!

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