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Shower Niche - All Subway Tile?

4 years ago

Hi, I chose white subway tile in a herringbone pattern for my shower and wanted it to continue into the niche for a seamless look. My tiler installed grey travertine in the bottom instead of continuing with the subway tiles stating they do it this way because water and shampoo can leak into the joints. However I see many examples online and even my mom's bathroom (same tiler that by the way) has subway tile throughout the niche. I asked to switch to subway tile but I'm getting some resistance. I really, really dislike the look of the travertine. Is there something that I am missing as to why subway tile couldn't be used in my case? Is there an alternative that I can suggest that will keep the look I'm going for? Bathroom inspiration picture and current state of niche attached. Thanks in advance for your help.

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