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Need quick backsplash tile advice - too much lip(page)?

Astrid C
4 years ago

So after a loooong delay on tile delivery and my contractor being out of the country for a month, the final piece of my kitchen is coming in - the backsplash! yay!

I came home after the first day of tile work and have noticed some irregularities on a few of the white field tiles on the backsplash. This is most evident with the range hood light on. Can you tell me if this is just a function of the overhead light, the fact its not grouted yet, the grout line size, or something else? I am choosing a off-white grout to match the tile which may forgiving. Should I have my guy redo the irregular pieces or will it look fine when finished? I chose him because he did a magnificent job on my patio (terracotta tile - very irregular but I was impressed how even he made it considering) and he also installed my encaustic handmade kitchen floor tile (my father-in-law when visiting commented it was "uneven" but I literally couldn't tell what he was talking about. But he's from Germany and a contractor himself so he's MEGA picky). These tiles are factory made and should be more or less uniform. I think he is laying them by hand as I don't see spacers. He generally does good work but sometimes I feel he rushes when at the end of a job.

Thanks! I hope to let him know tomorrow before he gets too much further.

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