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HELP! Need ideas for kitchen and living room updates

5 years ago
Our townhome was built in 1999 and we purchased in 2008. Life kept getting in the way but we are now at a place where we want to do some updates. First on the list is the master bath and replacing the flooring and paint. We have a very large living room which we are planning on framing off and making a 3rd bedroom. These are the easy projects for us. What we are stuck on is flooring. With our home layout, we want the same flooring for the kitchen, dining and living. We are having an extremely difficult time picturing this because of the color of the kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and trim. In the kitchen, our cabinets are in good shape. Would painting them be a good idea?? Paint them white and add hardware? Or paint another color? Add backsplash? What color? What color flooring could we add that would look okay with the trim and interior doors? If painting the cabinets couldn’t make the budget, what color flooring would you recommend? The house is covered in this trim and painting it stresses us out! Any design help is appreciated!

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