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Is this off-level bad enough to replace 70 years old cast iron tub?

Renee C
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi all,

I'm in a process of selecting tile contractor to redo tile wall and install tile floor and I need some advice on the bathtub situation! I take a bath every other day and this tub will serve as a shower as well.

Eventhough current existing old, heavy cast iron doens't have an integral flange built in, I planned on keeping it with new tile around wall and floor remodel only. and then I realizes that this tub is not sitting on level, I'm sure it was one point but as you can see on below picture, it is off level ( by 1/4'?) now, I'm not sure if it is worth to keep this tub, ( i wanted to keep it because it suits the house and can't afford to have a brand new one that is this well made, although this tub needs some cosmetic upgrate, overall condtion is fairly good. I also hear from everyone saying" they don't make things they used to be") But with now two major issue on this tub(1. no flange 2. out of level, that tub is most likely sit on cement bed, it will be too much of headache---I don't have a budget to hire the best of the best trades people )

My two main questions are..

1. is this out of level bad enough, (that considering this tub doesn't have a tile flange to direct water towards tub), is my new tile job will be total waste time? I've come to be a part with this tub, so I no longer have very strong feeling towards this tub.

2. Current bath tub is passing my door casing/trim. was this correct way to install the bath tub? I've only lived here about 1 1/2 years and by looking at the quality of other upgrades this house had done, not sure if the previous owner hired right person in general when it comes to house improvement projects. if bath tub can pass like current one, then I'm considering either Duravit or Kohler 29 1/2" x60-ish" falnge tub, alcove styles.

Any input whether design-wise or technical aspects would be greatly appreciated!

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