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Small living room with front door-need furniture arrangement help!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I need help arranging furniture in our small living room which the front door opens straight into. I find it quite an awkward space. And the front door makes the room feel uncomfortable to me.

There is no room to create a little entrance way on the hinge side of the door. since the door is right against the wall, there is it room for hooks and I don't really want our coats handing in the living room.

There is no additional Den and this room also needs to work for a toddler so I probably wont have a coffee table just so there is a little more space for him to run around.

We have recently moved in and as you can see everything is a work in progress, there are still no pictures up and we are in the middle of getting a slip cover for our sofas.

The wall to wall carpet is staying for now, but I would love a colourful area rug. Unfortunately where we live there are isn't much available to actually go see in store and I am unsure of buying online. Also after spending too much time on pinterest I would love a vintage Persian/ Turkish rug and that is way out of our budget!

measurements for reference: our living room is 16'6" x 13'5",

our larger sofa is 6' long and the love seat is 4'4" both are 2'7" in depth. the book case is 5'8" long and 1'4" deep.

I will upload some photos with a variety of furniture arrangements. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated I just don't like this space at the moment!

oh also there is an Edwardian fire place surround in the photos as well. we don't have an actual fire pace but are considering attaching this to a wall for some visual interest. I'm not super keen but my husband likes it. I will miss having a mantle to place decorative objects on but im nor sure this is my preferred solution.

if you made it this far thanks again!!!!

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