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Sand blowing out of landscape design.

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Well, I guess I never even thought about this. Here in the Midwest, every now and again we get some strong winds. Our idea for our house design is "Beach Theme" since we just love spending a vacation at the beach.

Anyway, I am putting a walkway around the house and filling the area between the house and Flagstone (5 Foot) with "play sand" then plan to add decorations to that. I am also installing a flagstone retaining wall between the walkway and house. I am two stacks high, with the first one being 1/2 way under the soil(dug about 7" deep, around 2-3" gravel, then 2-3" paver sand, Then the flagstone)

Everything was going as planned and looking great, then, we had a very windy day, and, wow, and duh at the same time. Well, a lot of the sand blew out and away.(I never even thought about that when we planned this).

Is their anything at all I could do. Like, anything that could be applied to or on top of the sand, mixed in, attractive beach theme type of fencing. I am at a loss of what to do ?

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