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Looking for 1st floor entry hallway closet organization ideas.

5 years ago

We are doing a first floor reno and i'm almost ready to update the hallway closet. I'm in the process of smoothing the walls and painting them. The (2) 6-panel sliding doors are being sanded and painted white (conversion varnished). The closet is approximately 4.5' wide and 24" deep. However, it's only 24" deep on the left 3'. The back wall on the right 1.5' tapers from 24" deep up to about 8" deep. Moving walls are not an option.

I'm looking for idea's how to better organize this space, either purchasing a closet system from a big box store, or building something custom myself (i have more than the average persons woodworking tools). The closet used to have a single bar and a single shelf going the full width which i've already tossed. We primarily used this closet for coats, vacuum cleaner and we had baskets on the shelves for our hats, gloves, etc. We also kept some footwear and totes/bags (those "31" rectangular type).

The reason i'm stuck is because of that darn taperd wall. I thought of putting a double hanging bar on the left side where the wall is flat and then likely building something custom for the right side. But the unfortunate thing about the right side is that no standard bin of any sorts will accommodate that taper.

Any ideas?

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