Need help with closet organization layout

2 years ago

I'm in the beginning stages of a master closet redo, but keep getting stuck on the layout. This is for two people, one prefers to fold his clothes (right side of layout), while I like to hang mine (left side). I'd like to get rid of our dressers, so the closet will need drawers. We are jean and t-shirt people, but do have some dressier clothes and I have a couple long coats.. There are two sets of bifold doors, and the middle wall (in between the doors) houses electrical lines. We can't expand the doorways either. Right on the floor in the middle of the closet is an air vent as well. This is not our forever house either, so I'd like it to appeal to others as well. Standard 8ft ceilings

Any thoughts? I'm going to do this semi diy. I was settled on the closet maid impressions 17" tower setups but then realized if I put two of them there, I won't be able to vacuum the carpet in the middle. My mind keeps designing symmetrical layouts with towers for each person, so I'd really appreciate some other perspectives.

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