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Help with paint color and toning down all the wood in our house!

4 years ago

Hello! We purchased an older home and moved in about six months ago. It's a four level split with most of the square footage on the main (mudroom, kitchen, dining and living room) and upper floor (1.5 bath, three bedrooms plus a study) and fairly open concept. We have a lot of different types of wood going on and I want to tone some of it down. There's oak (bay window seat, staircase rail, built ins, bar, and caps on our stairs), knotty pine panelling in the kitchen (half the walls to chair rail height plus a whole feature wall) and we have hickory cabinets. On top of it all, we love wood furniture so we have a mixture of newer wood furniture plus inherited pieces. I love our hickory cabinets so I plan to leave those. I'm wondering what I should do with the pine and oak to tone it down... paint some of it? all of it? stain? For added details, we have beige tile floor (that beige that picks up pinky/purple tones) which I don't love but we won't be changing any time soon. I've decided to keep the walls neutral and plan to paint the upper floor in SW Alabaster. I'd appreciate some suggestions and specific paint colors to consider. I'll try to add some photos of the different woods I'm talking about. Thanks!!

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