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HVAC for garage/shop/studio ?

4 years ago

Follow-up to this post:

Some questions:

- What kind of HVAC system will work best?

- How to prevent woodworking dust from getting in to office/storage via HVAC system?

- How to prevent HVAC filters from clogging from wood dust?

- Anything else I'm missing?

Overview - This is a detached garage/shop/photo studio. 2 car garage, entry foyer & 1/2 bath on main level + shop/studio & office on 2nd level. Located in St Paul, MN. Likely very little use Jan - Mar when we're hopefully in warmer climes and may likely winterize and shut down this building.

The entire building will be insulated and there will be R-30 in the garage ceiling (between garage & shop/studio) and in the walls between the garage & entry foyer + bath. I think the garage w/ a unit heater is fine?

For the rest I've sort of got 4 zones; 1) entry, 2) bath, 3) shop/studio and 4) office. Given the open stairway I'm not sure to what extent the foyer & shop/studio can be separate zones. There will be times I'd prefer to heat/cool only the office & bath without incurring the expense of heat/cool for the shop/studio.

The shop studio will be used for photography and occasional woodworking. It will be a changeover setup where going from photo to woodworking will involve moving most photo stuff in to the office to protect it from dust. When going back to photo the shop will be thoroughly cleaned including a final step of opening several windows and turning on a large exhaust fan and then using brushes and an air hose to get as much dust out as possible.

I want to keep the office as free of wood dust as possible since this is where I'll store photo equipment, have computers, etc. so I'm not sure that my HVAC contractor's plan of a standard HVAC system of furnace and AC will work unless it has an amazing filter system.

Per my earlier post the HVAC contractor has proposed a standard single zone system. Three concerns are; the filters getting clogged by wood dust, wood dust that makes it through the filters could get distributed in to the office & bath, and as a single system it'd require heating/cooling the entire conditioned space even when I'm using only the office & bath.

One thought I've had is to do 2 or 3 mini-splits instead. Reasonable? I'm not sure if a single system can do both the office & bath so might require 3? Could a mini-split effectively do the entire shop/studio and entry foyer?

Plans to follow.


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