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Looking for remodel ideas for full bath serving kids & guests

5 years ago

We have a 9'2" x 11'10" space that serves as the only bath on our second floor, which also has 3 bedrooms and a playroom. We have a 10 and 5 y.o., making a tub a continued requirement. The space is open, but we're looking to update it (15 years old with well used cabinets and fixtures) and make it more usable (i.e. possibly sectioning off the toilet.

We're not opposed to bigger fixture moves, and the closet currently houses a clothes chute to the 1st floor, but it's unused and we aren't opposed to removing it. The door swings opposite of what I'd expect, but maybe that was for privacy? If the wall doesn't have too much support in it, does it make sense to shift the door over to be centered? We might get stuck leaving it where it is, but possibly reversing the swing.

I've attached the original house plan. The only variance I see is that each sink has individual lighting.

Would love suggestions on how others would consider re-configuring the space.

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