Time for Mauve, Purple and Lavender Roses

2 years ago

I know others have some real beauties in this color class, so please share!

NEPTUNE - First year for this one, love the blooms and the intense fragrance.

PERFECT PLUM - Second year for this one, didn’t bloom much this past season since I transplanted it.

LAGERFELD - I’m looking forward to seeing what this beauty does, love the fragrance

ROYAL AMETHYST - Love the blooms and fragrance, but the bush is puny.

MELODEE PARFUMME- This one has been a very good rose, love the fragrance.

VIOLET’S PRIDE - New in 2018, prettier than it shows in photos IMHO.

LOVE SONG - Love the blooms

TWILIGHT ZONE - This one Is looking good right now and at times will seem like it’s going to really start blooming more, I‘m hopeful it will, that would make me happy!

POSEIDON - My most vigorous in this color class, sometimes I love the blooms, other times not so much!

REINE DES VIOLETTES - A beautiful rose!

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