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Floor Plan Help for A Bigger Bathroom!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I recently bought a 2 BR house but the only issue I have is the size of the 12 x 4 bathroom. My wife and I would like to have a bigger bathroom but we don't know where to have the extra space without ripping down all the walls - which would be too expensive and not worth it house-value wise.

We have talked to a couple designers/contractors and gotten some ideas, but we are still unsure of the right direction. I want to make sure whatever money we put in will be both functional for us and increase the house value for when we sell maybe 5 years down the line. Plus my wife would like a bathtub. This 972 sq foot single family home used to be a duplex which is why the floor plan is not the most....cohesive to say the least. Any help would be appreciated.

Option 1 - Update existing bathroom and leave floor plan as is

  • Re-tile
  • Add new vanity
  • Add farm-door to make more functional. I don't love them but they are functional and cheaper than pocket doors.

Option 2 - Add new bathroom in master bedroom AND make existing bathroom a powder room

  • The new bathroom can go in either corner of the attached photo. I think I like the corner next to the wall better to avoid covering windows.
  • Cut existing bathroom in half and convert to powder room.
  • The other half would be a walk in closet entered from the master.

Option 3 - Add new bathroom in master bedroom AND leave existing bathroom

  • We would put a small walk in closet somewhere else in master. This might add more value and the occasional guest wouldn't have to go into master to shower/bath.

Option 4 - Some other idea that you can think of

  • We would like it to be cost effective with minimal walls being taken down. The kitchen is in decent shape so we would prefer not to rebuild.
  • This may be too much of a pipe dream, but it would be nice to somehow enter the backyard without going through the master. This way the backyard can be the focal point of the house.

Current Floor Plan (rough scale):

Option 2:

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