1st Roses in the Garden - Need some DA advice

2 years ago

The house came with some roses when I moved in. Most where declines just due to original HO.

I removed all of them.

I've decided to dip my feet wet in Roses . What spurred this was me seeing a Graham Thomas scaling up house we visited. My kiddos are bit older now and will grasp what not to ~touch~ as opposed to 2 years ago, they would be running around with no fear in the world. I'm okay with putting back some thorny items in the garden.

Shall you rose gurus recommend me 3 DA. Zone 7A, east end of LI.

I'm siting 2 treeforms - each in a different area of the garden.

1 DA treeform recommendation ?

1 DA climber (will be planting this on a tree formish trellis) to look at growth hardiness vs. the tree form rose.

1 DA Shrub

Colors ? I'm open to options.

When I look at the DA catalog, I'm just overwhelmed. I'm like a kid in the candy store and just can't pick

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