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Fantasy White - Granite, Quartzite or Marble? Recommended?

3 years ago

I am re-doing my kitchen and was looking for granite for our counters and island. I saw and loved Fantasy White and was told it was a granite. I am confused after researching. At first, I was concerned because I found sites calling it a quartzite instead of granite. Now, I'm seeing some sites say it could be a marble. I have two children, ages 11 and 9, and we frequently have foods spilling, including catsup, juice, and well water.

I plan to test it, as I've seen recommended, but first I want to make sure I know what I'm testing. As I understand, I should try to scratch a glass on the edge of the slab and, if the glass does scratch, the slab is quartzite. Well, what if the glass isn't scratched? Does that mean it's a granite or marble? I believe my next test would be to try to scratch the slab and assume if it scratches easily, it's a marble. If it doesn't scratch easily and, it's granite. Does this sound correct?

Does anyone have any history with a product called Fantasy White? I've read it's also called Super White. I'd like to know about durability, etching, scratching, staining. Also, would you recommend? (I know each slab has to be tested individually but want to get some feedback about this style name.)

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