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Adding Grey to White Kitchen - Calacatta Gold Silestone

mel stan
4 years ago

Hello! My husband and I are just beginning our home renovations and I'd like input on where best to introduce colour into a white kitchen. If it was up to me I'd make everything white but am worried it'll feel too stark so I'm considering some grey. My kitchen is going to be a U-shape, which includes a peninsula. We don't have room for an island unfortunately, and I don't have photos as we're removing walls and not in the space yet.

Our main choice at the moment for countertops is Eternal Calacatta Gold by Silestone, I love the white and large natural-looking veins. I've read other threads that suggest Chantilly Lace BM for cabinets so that is what I'm going to try first. For backsplash, I feel like the only options with the ECG counters is a white tile. What are your thoughts on a grey backsplash? I was also considering marble but worry it won't work next to the quartz marble.. Thoughts?

Also, would love input on dark lower cabinets as a way to bring in some colour. Any recommendations for paint colours to go with ECG counters would be much appreciated! I like a dark navy/charcoal/grey best.

Thanks! Will add images once I get some.

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