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Beige vinyl windows and plantation shutters--I hate beige! HELP!

Jennifer Harding
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I need help! My husband and I will be purchasing my grandmother's house soon. It is a classic 70s ranch style house with TONS of potential. The inside is full of wallpaper, long walls for unnecessary division and green/peach tiled bathrooms with carpet! My grandmother had new BEIGE vinyl windows installed about 10-15 years ago. With the beige vinyl windows came new BEIGE plantation shutters. And then BEIGE trim... EVERYWHERE! The windows and shutters are still in excellent condition (I should know because she would make me clean all of them every year after the pollen was done falling) So my problem is.. I hate beige. HATE IT. I love clean white lines and grey with accent colors in the decor. What do I do?? The exterior is a terrible orange/brown brick that will be painted. Obviously, I can't paint vinyl windows and they are in good condition so there is no reason for me to get new ones. So... suggestions? Can I do interior white trim and paint the plantation shutters to match the white trim?? Would that look strange on the outside? White shutters against beige windows? HELP!

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